Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions that you may find helpful. For anything else, please feel free to contact us.

Who are Wristroll Club?

We are a group of watch enthusiasts with a vision to make interesting and luxury watches more accessible to our community by running prize competitions which offers realistic chances of winning at very affordable prices. Nothing gives us more pleasure than handing over amazing watches to all our winners!

Tell me how it works?

Entrants need to answer a skill-based question typically relating to watches – of course! Online entrants can enter multiple times and increase their chances of winning by selecting multiple tickets and paying a fee.

Postal entries are free but are limited to one entry per registered user: if not our post box would blow up! Just note postal entries need to be received and processed before the competition end date and time so ensure these are sent via First Class post to 71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom.

Both online and postal entrants need to have the correct answer to the question to be entered.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the tickets can vary – we are always trying to get the best, most interesting and collectible watches available for the Wristroll Club community and as such the costs can vary, however, we will always make sure prices are affordable.

What are my chances of winning?

Similar to the above – we balance the chances of winning versus affordability to ensure everyone has a fair chance of winning a great collectible watch. The number of maximum entrants and remaining tickets are always listed against the competition so you can be clear at any time your chances.

Who can enter?

Entrants must be 18 years and over and be permanent residents of England, Scotland or Wales.

How do I know the competition is fair?

We clearly outline the total maximum number of entrants at the launch of any competition and keep a running counter of remaining tickets – that way you can be clear on the chances of winning. We are also clear on the date and time the competition will close and we never delay the closing. Not all tickets sold? Then that’s even better for our community!

When running the draw (the selection of the winner) we use an independent specialist company using their compliant software which ensures the final result is random – we do this live on our social media channels so our community can tune in live. It is even better when the eventual winner joins and finds out they have won an amazing watch in real time! For anyone who can’t tune in at the specified day and time we upload a recording of the draw on our socials and post the winner and draw certificate on our website (check the Past Winners section).

Fairness and transparency is a core belief to us at Wristroll Club.

*Draw dates may be brought forward if competition is Sold Out and the maximum number of tickets have been allocated.

How will I know I have won?

Ideally tune in for our live draw on the specified day and time but if you can’t make that Wristroll Club will reach out to all winners using the email address and telephone number they provided.

And the watches are authentic?

Absolutely – all our watches are sourced from either Authorised Dealers or trusted watch dealers complete with manufacturer certificates, papers and boxes. One of the pleasures of luxury watch ownership is having your own piece of craftmanship perfected over hundreds of years.

Are the watches brand new?

We look to source the most interesting watches as possible – sometimes these are brand new from Authorised Dealers or sometimes from the secondary market. Our aim is to always get the timepieces we love and we know our community will enjoy wearing. However we source them all our watches will have a Complete Set and look amazing on the wrist.

How do you know the market value?

For some of our watches getting them through an Authorised Dealer is nearly impossible which is why we look to the market value via sites such as Chrono24 who have over a decade of market data. We check for watches with a full set and in similar condition to give us a reference of the market value of our watches.

All sounds amazing!! Anything I missed?

Nope – that should give you a good insight into who Wristroll Club is, our vision behind our community and how we conduct our competitions. Good luck and say Hi on our socials!